2019 CSAF Canadian Lightweight National Championships June 15, 2019

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Sheep Herding Dogs



As explained in the history of the Early Herding Sheepdog like a Border Collie, the dog’s natural prey instinct of chasing has been modified to chase or herd under the direction of a Shepherd, who is the dog’s master. So Herding Sheepdogs work from outside the flock, causing the livestock to bunch together in order to protect themselves from the dog.

This year, dog master Fred Hamilton will be back with his dogs and sheep to give demonstrations how these terrific dogs work with the sheep as well as their master.

Clan Alley



Clan Alley is the heart of the highland games and is where the clans set up their tents in a grassy area. We invite you to come over and share in the traditions of the heritage of the highland clans-and some lowland ones,too!

Think you might have some Scottish ancestry? Then Clan Alley is the place to ask around with your family name. You'll find official clan organizations and Scottish heritage groups to help you trace your family history.

There is almost always something going on in Clan Alley!  Throughout the day there are scheduled work shops,music,dance and competitions. Plus all kinds of things to see at the clan tents.

JJ WHite K9 Flying Show


Moncton’s renowned JJ White and his K9 platoon of German Shepherds and Border Collies will be once again putting on an action packed, high flying show that is sure to thrill audiences of all ages.  Watch as his team of six dogs put on a show with frisbee's and the trust and fun that he and his team have. 





A unique and fun experience for all ages to enjoy! Come spend time with us and learn about these magnificent creatures.

Ceilidh Tent


 The Ceilidh is centrally located within the games grounds. It holds the stage for afternoon celtic entertainment,a place to receive a refreshing beverage. With food services near by, a cold drink and celtic entertainment, it's a great spot to get out of the sun,rest your feet and enjoy what we SCOTS call a CEILIDH. So stop by during the day and relax before heading on to explore more of the games